Impacts of ageing infrastructure in transport sector

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1. Discuss regarding risks and impacts of ageing infrastructure in transport sector

(Potential references:

2. Following is a gist extract from the website of Department of Treasury and Finance in Victoria (

"There have been 24 Partnerships Victoria projects contracted worth around $12.4 billion in capital investment."

(a) For any one of the projects listed under "Tendering Projects" OR "Completed Projects" category (e.g. High Capacity Metro Trains), you are required to prepare a SWOT analysis for PPP project delivery.

(b) For any one of "Contracted Projects" (e.g. Mobile Data Network), you are required identify: EITHER procurement risks from the perception of public sector/ government client OR project risks from the perspectives of a potential PPP consortium.

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This assignment has been prepared as per the requirements. There were 2 questions, 750 words for each. These questions were addressed as per the need. There is harvard referencing in the paper. The sites provided by the student have also been used and cited as needed. In text referencing is appropriate.

Reference no: EM131230656

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