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Answer the two questions below in 200 words or more. They must be original answers with peer verified references, and references must not be part of the word count.

Question 1- Explain how the various postmodern critical "criminologies," exposed the repressive practices of domination, inequality, and inhumanity found within the structure of power in society. Who do you think was effected most, and by which practice?

Question 2- Take either a pro or con approach on the impacts and consequences of the diversity of feminist perspectives on criminal justice policies. Give at least one example with an explanation supporting your stance.

Textbook - Criminological theory : context and consequences by J. Robert Lilly, Francis T. Cullen and Richard A. Ball - 6th edition


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The assignment needed us to write a 300 word on postmodern critical criminologies and on the impacts and consequences of the diversity of feminist perspectives on criminal justice policies.We took a pro approach on Feminism is a cultural and political movement which aims to provide equal rights to women and it also protects women.

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