Impact to the sociality in implementing a metro system

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The Topic:

"The impact to the sociality in implementing a metro system, The experience of Dubai". The requirement: To Write a literature matrix for the above subject, base on at least 4 Journals, 1 Text book and 2 web based sources.

The matrix should illustrate the summary of the idea and to be filled in the Matrix table below. Label the columns across the top of the matrix with the title of the source in APA format.

Then label the rows of the matrix with the main ideas that the source discussed about the Topic. as you read the sources, make note in the appropriate column about the information discussed in the source.

It's not necessary that all sources have mentioned the all ideas. Please refer to the attachment for more information.

Example of Main ideas:

• Cost
• Population
• Infrastructure

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Reference no: EM13851078

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