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1. Explain three forces leading companies to pursue international operations.

2. Explain the concept of protectionism. Describe at least one impact to international business strategy.

3. Identify at least one potential disadvantage to initiating, continuing, and/or expanding international operations. Identify one action that you would recommend in order to overcome this disadvantage.

4. List and discuss in detail two of the diverse and unique risks that face multinational corporations.

Reference no: EM13224754

Powerpoint presentation marketing - car tracking

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How can you develop and communicate a compelling vision to guide organizational development? How do you plan to analyze organizational behavior to determine systemic interdepe

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Evaluate Family Dollars retail strategy. Will it work in both good and bad economic times? Discuss the pros and cons of Family Dollars reducing the number of brands but increa

How companies utilize pricing strategies

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What is involved with successful branding

To what degree does the product align with the current trend of healthy living? How does the family life cycle work into discussion? What is involved with successful branding

A distribution coverage rate

A new brand of Blue Dog Beer is being offered on the market, with a distribution coverage rate (ACV%)  of 80%. Two customer segments can be distinguished based on their usage

Explain clearly why you suggest this entry strategy

Suggest the most appropriate market entry strategy for this product, Explain clearly why you suggest this entry strategy. What could possibly be the entry strategy's pros and


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