Impact on the production of maize

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Suppose that a government that is the sole buyer of a crop offers farmers $2.00 per ton of maize (corn), while the market price across the border is $2.50 per ton. What will be the impact on the production of maize? Will it affect the production of other crops? Will the government likely be able to buy all the output?

Reference no: EM131114800

Decision making on sunk costs

Consolidated Drugs, Inc. has spent $4 million developing and testing a new anti-aging drug.  Management now estimates that it will cost $2 million to produce and market this

Series of mergers monopolizes

A) The industry is currently performing competitively with price equal to marginal cost. If, LRMC=LRAC=10, what is the output and price? B) Suppose a series of mergers mono

How you would set up present value calculation in your case

Econ104- Explain and show your calculations (using the template at the end of this assignment) of how you would set up the present value calculation in your uncle's case.

Options for acquiring the image

You need to acquire an image of a disk on a computer that cannot be removed from the scene and you discover that it is a Linux computer. Write a brief paper of not more than

Is the subsidy a good investment on the part of the govts

Boeing believes there is a 50% chance that either government will grant the subsidy, and that the subsidy decision will be made simultaneously and independently, with no col

Which of points a-e is the most efficient

Given the following production possibilities curve: a. Does this production possibilities curve show increasing opportunity costs? Explain. b. What is the opportunity cost of

Reason to conclude that the linear correlation coefficient

If a sample of size 18 has a linear correlation coefficient of -0.50, is there significant reason to conclude that the linear correlation coefficient of the population is nega

Which candidate would you choose for the job

The work involves close cooperation and coordination with other inside and outside of the department. Candidate A has exactly the experience required, but appears to be very


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