Impact of the crisis on socio-economic governance

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The European Debt Crisis:

I have decided to focus my final paper for this course on the European financial debt crisis, also known as the Eurozone crisis. I plan to focus on the countries involved, how it has impacted socio-economic governance as well as the European integration process. The paper will investigate the main causes of the crisis and the policy responses that put in place for Europe to redeem itself, it will analyze future challenges and consequences if any, as the case may be.


1. Abstract
2. Introductory background
3. Events leading to the Euro zone crisis (causes) (discussing the countries involved)
4. Impact of the crisis on socio-economic governance
5. Impact of the crisis on European integration
6. Policy responses to the crisis
7. Future challenges and conclusion

Minimum of 3500 words in an APA style.

Reference no: EM131093948

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