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Final Project

Your Final Project in this module consists of three elements:
- Business Case Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, equivalent to 2,500 words)
- Critique of two project management planning tools (1,500 words)
- Critical review of a current debate in the project management literature (1,000 words)

Throughout the module, you will participate in activities and complete assignments that will help prepare you to complete this Final Project. Many of the elements for your Business Case Presentation will first be submitted as Individual Assignments during the various Learning Units. You will have a chance to revise and improve them before submitting your Final Project, based on feedback from your peers and your Faculty Member. Use the instructions below to complete all required elements of your Final Project.

Part 1: Business Case:

To complete the PowerPoint presentation:

1. Compile your Individual Assignment entries from Units 1-5 into a single PowerPoint document. Your PowerPoint slides can contain notes if needed.

These entries include:

o Unit 1: A definition of the project scope, aims and objectives (1-2 PowerPoint slides)
o Unit 2: An analysis of stakeholder groups, stakeholder issues and stakeholder management strategies (1-2 PowerPoint slides)
o Unit 3: An analysis of project tasks and phases using key project management planning tools (2-4 PowerPoint slides)
o Unit 4: Proposed key performance indicators that could be used to monitor the project's performance (1-2 PowerPoint slides)
o Unit 5: An analysis of risks involved in the project and proposed risk mitigation strategies (1-2 PowerPoint slides)

2. Add a final 1-2 slide summary of what you have learned from completing your Individual Assignments entries, highlighting specific attributes that would help in securing funding for your project plan.

Part 2: Critique of two project management planning tools:

To prepare:

- Refer back to the two project management planning tools you analysed in the Shared Activity in Unit 3.

To complete the critique, compose an essay of approximately 1,500 words that includes:

1. An introduction explaining what project management planning tools are and how they can positively and negatively impact a project.

2. A description of the two project management planning tools you selected, including a brief explanation of why you find these tools interesting or relevant to your work.

3. An analysis and critique of the two tools, including:
o Strengths: How the tools you selected might aid your understanding and experiences with managing projects.
o Limitations: How the tools might make managing projects more challenging, and ways to overcome those challenges.
o A comparison of the two tools as appropriate.

4. A conclusion summarising your thoughts on the project management planning tools you selected, including any insights gained from completing your critique.

5. References in Harvard format.

Part 3: Critical review of a current debate in project management literature:

To prepare:
- Select a current debate in project management literature.
- Search the Internet and identify a relevant article about a current debate in the project management literature.

To complete the critical review, compose an essay of approximately 1,000 words that includes:

1. An introductory paragraph identifying the current debate you selected and why it interests you.

2. A section critically reviewing the debate as presented in the article.

3. A conclusion explaining how you think the current debate could be resolved in the future.

4. References in Harvard Format.

Examples of current debates in project management you might address are found in readings throughout the unit. Some of these include:

- Projects as a temporary organisation

- Stakeholder involvement in project management

- Impact of organisational structure and/or culture on projects

- Project risk drivers

- Project completion

- Project planning tools

In many cases, different authors use the same terms to describe different concepts, or different terms to mean what are essentially very similar ideas. Do not let terminology worry you; discuss your chosen concepts or theories in specific, descriptive language, without too much jargon.

Part 4: PPDP Update

In addition to your Final Project, you should review and update your Personal and Professional Development Plan (PPDP) by adding at least one new goal connected to your learning in this module.

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Reference no: EM131075173

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