Impact of leadership style on organization performance

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The impact of leadership style on organization performance: A case of theSaudi Telecom Company (STC)

Use critical thinking and state what is the gap in the other research

The reference must be in (2010 to 2015) and only academic articles

Avoid the use of personal pronoun like we, I etc in academic writing. Used indirect speech.

When put the reference at the end of the sentence you cite (use only first name and the year, whan there are more than one author write et la)

Use Harvard reference style

"Your own thought and opinion is only acceptable if you have researched the issue and you can back it up with a reference to that research. Otherwise your idea or opinion is not acceptable in academic research because such an idea or opinion is not based on scientific knowledge. Sekaran&Bougie (2013) is right because they referred to plagiarism. Here original work refers to original sentence construction, argument, logic etc. This means that you are supposed to explain, discuss and apply ideas from researchers work using your own words and sentence construction and not just quote another persons words and sentences. Originality here does not mean your own ideas but your own words and writing style."

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Reference no: EM13725294

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