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All questions carry equal marks. Please note that the layout of your answer should be in paragraph style.

1. List and discuss at least three positive and three negative impacts of information systems.

2. Distinguish between the transaction cost theory of the impact of information technology on the organization and the agency cost theory of the impact of information technology on the organization. Are these theories contradictory or complementary? Support your answer.

3. Distinguish between and describe the uses of and advantages/disadvantages in HTML and XML.

4. Provide an explanation of the five layers of the TCP IP reference model.

5. Define and distinguish between the terms organizational learning, tacit knowledge, best practices, and organizational memory. Which do you think would be most difficult to pin down in a knowledge system? Support your answer.

6. Discuss the limitations of the financial models described in your textbook. Why is the use of these models not always indicated for investments involving information technology?

7. What steps do the authors recommend be taken to develop an international information systems architecture?

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Reference no: EM13729112

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