Impact of corporate behavior on potential investors

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Can somebody help me with these questions?

  1. What is the impact of corporate behavior on potential investors, employees, or other stakeholders?
  2. What impact robots might have on the education system?
  3. Where does an employee's loyalty lie? How far need one go in maintaining that loyalty?
  4. Is it ethical for employees to publicly write disrespectful information about other employees or supervisors?

Reference no: EM132183604

Difference between mediation and arbitration

This assignment has two parts.  The first is to explain in your own words the difference between mediation and arbitration in the context of conflict resolution - giving a r

Currency in a domestic open market operation

Suppose the Fed buys $200 million worth of Euros with U.S. currency and, at the same time, sells $200 million of U.S. government securities for U.S. currency in a domestic o

Higher standard of living

In the same year, the population of India was 1.2 billion and real GDP was 1.2trillion. In 2005, China's Human Development Index was 0.777 and India's was0.619. Which countr

Stage of the management plan

Suggest the prototyping technique you would use for this system and support your rationale. Create a management plan containing eight to ten (8-10) stages for proper design of

The most suitable beginning for a typical routine inquiry

The most suitable beginning for a typical routine inquiry message is- Select the appropriate answer A) an explanation of the situation. B) a buffer designed to set up the pers

Hygiene factors than motivating factors

While she has a good relationship with her coworkers and her supervisors are? understanding, she feels that her hard work often goes unnoticed. Being an ambitious person? he

Explain the value of receiving feedback from your team

Explain the value of receiving feedback from your ‘team' (your instructor and fellow students) on the various sections of your non-alcoholic beverage (NAB) business plan whi

What is the role of the manager in an organization

What is the role of the manager in an organization? The role of the manager traditionally has been the person who has set short term goals for the organization to execute an


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