Immune response to infectious disease
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Infectious diseases are sometimes proves to be the end of the life of humans. It is eccessively significant to have internal basic knowledge of the response of our immune systems towards infectious diseases. This report will enable you to 

•           describe the importance of a host for the survival of the virus

•           list the various mechanisms by which our immune system prevents viral infection

•           explain the processes by which viruses evade host defense mechanisms

•           describe the mechanisms of immune responses to extracellular and intracellular bacteria

•           explain the host immune responses to bacterial infection

•           list the different types of bacterial evasion mechanisms

•           describe the mechanism by which immune responses contribute to bacterial


Apart form it major area of concerned are segmented in to various segments as follows:-

a. Immune Response to Viral Infections

b. Immune Response to Viruses

c. Viral Neutrilization by antibodies.

d. Importance of cell mediated immunity for viral control & clearances

e. Process by which Viruses overcome host defences mechanism.

f. Immune Response to Bacterial Infections

g. Difference in the mechanism of immune responses to Extracellular and Intracellular Bacteria.

h. Contribution of immune response to Bacteria pathogenesis.

i. Immune Response to Protozoan Infection

  • Malaria ; Life cycle of Plasmodium and Pathogenesis of Malaria
    Host immune response to plasmodium infection.
  • African sleeping Sickness or Trypanosoniasis
    Host response to Trypanosoniasis

j. Immune Response to Helminthic Infection & host respose for helminthic infection

The entire report sum up in the end with the very interesting project results..

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