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I just need a foot note for each individual molecules. I also need 2 molecules for cardiac health.

The present report is based on an illustration of molecules or biomolecules that have a chemistry related background. The topic of selection is based on cardiac care and diseases. The cardiovascular system comprises of heart, which is the central pumping system of the body and is responsible for circulation and transportation of nutrients, oxygen and metabolites (Martínez-González & Sanchez-Villegas, 2004). Other main components of the system include blood and blood vessels that participate in the whole pumping phenomenon. There are several key biomolecules including proteins, enzymes, and other macro-agents that are involved in the proper functioning of the physiological system. A defect in the physiological operation and coordination of these biomolecules with respect to each other mainly leads to complication and diseased state. Since cardiovascular system is involved in the transportation of oxygen, nutrients and metabolites, thus complication or abnormality in this system leads to a reduction in the well-being status of the individual (Hazinski, 2010). With this aim, the present report is based on the elucidation of such biomolecular agents that are important key players in the regulation of the whole physiological system. Additionally, the pharmacological agents, as well as nutrients that are associated with cardiac care and/or diseases, are also included within the scope.

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Reference no: EM13874004

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