Illustrating your marketing plan strategy.

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Prepare a 5- to 6-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation illustrating your marketing plan strategy.

Compile the information presented in your previous papers and include the following in a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation:

Your promotional strategy for your product or service, which is (Transamerica Visa Credit Card) including how you will use it on the following elements:

Direct Marketing
Channel Agnostic
Call to Action

Speaker's Notes: Initially we need to make our California policyholders aware of the Transamerica Visa Credit Card. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by direct mail. Annually, on the policy's anniversary date, we send a statement to our policyholders as to the current values in their life insurance. Without additional cost, we can use this statement to introduce the

Transamerica Visa Credit Card to our policyholders. For those policyholders whose anniversary date has occurred in past six months; an early statement and offering can be done once we have cycled those policyholders with upcoming anniversary dates.

The direct mail piece will include a unique telephone response number and email address for policyholders who wish additional information, or to take advantage of the offering. As an example, we currently have a telephone number 1-800-PYRAMID; by adding the digit 1 to the end of the number we can identify responses to our direct mail efforts.

This is not to say that our direct marketing efforts need be print oriented and by mail only. Direct marketing is "channel agnostic" and we will address other media channels in shortly.

Reference no: EM13966671

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