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1. The worst response you can give an educator is: "I learned a lot!" Our hope is that statement is true. But from an academic perspective, what did you learn from creating a project? What are you learning?

2. Using at least two examples, illustrate why strategic plans are more effective when HR plays a role in creating them. Support your examples with reasons.

Reference no: EM131398590

Determine the sample size

A firm is planning to conduct a study on the quality dimensions of its products and wants to determine the sample size required to estimate the process mean with a sampling er

The manager of supply chain operations

You are asked to report to a conference room where an important customer meeting is being held. You walk in, and the president of your largest customer is there. Your CEO intr

How you might use your knowledge of intellengces at work

Describe how you might use your knowledge of intellengces at work? Describe three things you can do to build your sel-efficacy for your organization behavior course? Assume yo

Consider a four link supply chain

Consider a four link supply chain with the following data: Link 1 - using rail - lead time range 4-6 days, Link 2 - using water - lead time 15-21 days, Link 3 - using rail - L

Why should state-sponsored lottery

Why should a state-sponsored lottery compete for money that citizens could use to reduce their debts, build their savings, support charitable causes, or spend in other communi

What degree do we still see the smokestack economy

The Industrial Revolution changed the way we work. The introduction of new technologies and new approaches to production drove the expansion of an urban working class that was

What is the expected payoff for this recommendation

The Microflange Company is currently facing heavy demand for one of its flanges. The existing manufacturing facility is working at full capacity on normal shifts. The firm has

In a manufacturing facility that produces laptop computers

In a manufacturing facility that produces laptop computers, there are three production lines that operate independently of each other. On one line, circuit boards on the way


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