Illustrate what will happen to the profit in the long run

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Illustrate the average cost, marginal cost, and marginal revenue for a firm making a positive economic profit in a short run, perfectly competitive environment. Indicate the profit. Now illustrate what will happen to this profit in the long run.

Reference no: EM13224459

Method of price discrimination for firms

One method of price discrimination for firms is the use of coupons and rebates. Firms are basically allowing consumers to self-identify their respective price elasticities o

Contract implied-in-law contract

An unwritten, unspoken contract, also known as "a contract implied by the acts of the parties", which can be either an implied-in-fact contract implied-in-law contract, may

Nominal holding periodrate of return

a. If you buy the bond for $920, what is its nominal yield to maturity? b. What is the bond's ex-ante real yield to maturity, if the inflation rate is expected toaverage 2%

What actions would you take to test the hypothesis

Assume that the Wall Street analysts believe the industry has good growth prospects. The audit client is predicting a 20% increase in sales and a 27% increase in profits for

Essay evaluating the role of governments in assuring

Drawing on Carbaugh's discussions in Chapters 6 and 7 concerning industrial policies, strategic trade policy, the trade problems of developing nations, import substitution, an

Prediction of future spot rate from forward rate

If you assume that the forward rate is a predictor of the future spot rate, does it suggest that the Dollar should have appreciated or depreciated from 2001 to 2002? (round

How is the slope of the is-curve affected as e increases?

Draw the IS-curve. What is formula for the slope of the IS-curve, Δr/ΔY? If e = 0, draw the investment curve and the IS-curve. What does this imply? How is the slope of the IS

Calculate the equilibrium price and quantity

Calculate the equilibrium price and quantity in this market and illustrate this graphically. Calculate the price elasticity of demand at the equilibrium. Is this elastic or in


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