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Suppose that for a particular economy, for some time period, investment was equal to $100, government expenditure was equal $75, net taxes were fixed at $100, and consumption was given by the consumption function , where is disposable income and Y is GDP.

(a) What was the level of equilibrium income (Y),

(b) What was the value of the government expenditure multiplier,

(c) What was the value of the tax multiplier,

(d) Suppose that investment declined by $40 to a level of $60. What will be the new level of equilibrium income?

Reference no: EM1365220

What is the producer surplus

Suppose that the supply curve is Qs = −15 + P and the equilibrium price is 25. (a) What is the producer surplus? (b) Construct a graph for this Price Taking firm showing the d

Raised the maximum amount of short-term funds

The Nelson Company has $1,875,000 in current assets and $625,000 in current liabilities. Its initial inventory level is $375,000, and it will raise funds as additional notes p

What is the probability of disk drive error

You are responsible for detecting the source of errors when the computer system fails. From your analysis you know that the source of error is the disk drive, computer memory,

What are the measures

Monopolistically competitive firms try to differentiate their products in order to eliminate substitutes. What are the comparable measures that can be taken in labor markets t

Inflation has been reality for the general economy

Inflation has been a reality for the general economy of the U.S. In many years. Given this assumption, calculate the number of years it will take for the purchasing power of t

Consider a market with a demand curve-supply curve

Consider a market with a demand curve of P=10-Q and a supply curve of P=Q. Before the imposition of a tax, equilibrium quantity is 5, and equilibrium price is $5 (verify this)

What is their short-run cost function

Suppose Noah and Naomi's short-run weekly production function for garden benches is F(L)=0.4L. Where L represents the number of hours of labor employed. The wage rate is $10 a

Compute what happens to the quantity of k

Compute what happens to the quantity of K. Your answer must include the appropriate sign. Correctly round your answer to 2 decimal places. Do NOT include the percent sign as


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