Illustrate what is the opportunity cost

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Suppose the economy initially produces 3,300 bushels of wheat and 1,500 garments of clothing, which is represented by point A. Society then decides it wants to produce 1,000 more garments of clothing, so the economy moves from point A to point B.

Illustrate what is the opportunity cost of 1,000 garments of clothing in the range between points A and B?


Reference no: EM1355611

What is the total profit at the optimal output level

Suppose that you can sell as much of a product (in integer units) as you like at $61 per unit. Your marginal cost (MC) for producing the qth unit is given by: MC=9q This means

Explain how fed use of its three tools of monetary policy

Explain how the Fed's use of its three tools of monetary policy affect supply and demand in the market for reserves and the equilibrium federal funds interest rate.

About the term structure of interest rates

Explain what typically happens to bond interest rates in US recessions. Use the demand and supply graph but clearly label any curve shifts and explain the reasons behind those

Discuss impact of expansionary fiscal and monetary policy

Explain the ways in which Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy interact by using Keynesian IS and LM curves. Discuss the impact of an expansionary Fiscal Policy and Monetary Poli

Perfect competition price-quantity and consumer surplus

Suppose the market demand function is given by: Q=100-2P, where Q: total quantity, P: market price. And in this market there are two firms with MC=AV= $10. Find each of the fo

Belief qualify as a bona fide occupational qualification

When can an employee’s religious belief qualify as a bona fide occupational qualification? Do you believe religious hiring is BFOQ? Can a person claim to be discriminated agai

What ate the taxi fixed costs

Suppose a taxi company wishes to start a new business that requires a license from NY City for $30,000. The taxi license is transferable, but only 15,000 is refundable within

Expects her property taxes and homeowners insurance

Tammy Walters wants to know what price home she can afford. Her annual gross income is $40,000. She owes $750 per month on other debts and expects her property taxes and homeo


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