Illustrate what is the mrts

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Online production function is lnQ = 7.73 + 0.75lnK + lnL

a) Convert the production function into its normal form.

b) What is the MRTS, if price of labour is $120 and the price of capital is $200?




Reference no: EM1360694

What is the effective and nominal interest per year

George bought a car for $26,500. He made a down-payment of $4,500 and financed the rest on a 5-year term with a monthly payment of $575. What is the interest rate per month fo

The firm expands the employment level

Suppose that labor costs w=$100 per day and that at the current level of employment the marginal product of labor is 20. What does marginal cost equal? Show/explain. Interpret

Candidate should be selected

Given all the above factors, which candidate should be selected? (b) By how much would the estimated capital investment for the alternate candidate [the candidate not selected

Describe the behavior of oligopolistic firm

Describe the behavior of oligopolistic firm. how does the firm use Game Theory? define and explain the two types of game theory associated with competition? how do decisions c

Strong supporter of free trade

if you were a strong supporter of free trade and in charge of U.S. international trade policy, would you cut tariffs and quotas, or would you negotiate with the nation's tradi

What is the implied income elasticity of demand for movies

he or she rents 63 movies per year at the same price per movie. What is the implied income elasticity of demand for movies? Are movies a normal good or an inferior good?

Reasons for their occurrence and their social consequences

Discuss the factors contributing to movements along different points on the same supply curve, and the factors contributing to the supply curve shifting to the right or to the

Stagnant economy and an inflationary environment

The concept of "stagflation" which is a term created by mashing together stagnating and inflation that reflects a slowing or stagnant economy and an inflationary environment.


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