Illustrate what is the activitys slope

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Q. Katy, an executive at Brennan's Department store, finds that the median age of the population in the chain's region is increasing by about 2 yrs every decade. This is an example of which type of force in the environment?

Q. Given that an activity's normal time also cost are ten days also $400 also its crash time also cost are five days also $800, illustrate what is the activity's slope?


Reference no: EM1375960

Environmental protection and economic development

What kind of ethical theories/arguments could best persuade businesses to assume an obligation for the well-being of future generations in terms of a) environmental protection

Define robust steps for improvement

Please do a quality analysis and define robust steps for improvement: 1. Create an Ishikawa (Fishbone)-Diagram using a template you can find online to identify the root causes

Changes in employment relationships

What changes in employment relationships are likely to occur as the population ages? Do you think increasing age diversity will create new challenges for managers? What type

How long would it take to reach a six sigma quality level

Suppose your business is operated at a three sigma quality level and the product has an average annual improvement rate of 50%. How long would it take to reach a six sigma qua

Present cost that they can spend now in developing product

Nopain Nogain exercise equipment manufacturers expect to generate $3,000,000 profit per year for 5 years on their new Elliptical Treadmill. What is the present cost that they

Four criteria assessing rigor of qualitative studies

List the four criteria assessing the rigor of qualitative studies. Imagine that you are planning to conduct in-depth interviews of program participants to assess program effec

Calculate the manufacturers dollar margin per unit

Within a given distribution channel, the following information is available concerning trade margins and costs. A wholesaler has a unit selling price of $243 and a unit cost o

What are sequencing and priority rules

What are Sequencing/Priority Rules? What are they used for? What, if any, is (are) the difference(s) between Sequencing Rules and Measures of Performance? How are they related


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