Illustrate what is order point

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Q. A part used to repair machines has a normally distributed monthly demand with a mean of 65.0 and a standard deviation of 5.2. If lead-time is so predictable that it can be considered a constant 0.25 month and service level is 90 per cent:

a. Illustrate what is order point?



Reference no: EM1375178

Leading and implementing required change in an organization

You are a mid-level manager in charge of the overseas manufacturing coordination division of a communications equipment design and manufacturing technology company located in

Identify potential quality concerns in traditional areas

A large farm produces a number of vegetables for sale to the highest bidder (usually buyers who aggregate the produce from lots of small farms and sell the produce to grocery

Real estate investment and sales firm

Eagle Properties, a real estate investment and sales firm, presents a form contract to its customer Floyd, who wants to buy a certain quarter acre of land in a proposed housin

About family owned business-through a rough patch

First off, I'd like to say this book was an easier read for me than the previous three. I liked how personable it was and I felt like I could relate to the "story" better than

Control involves performance evaluation by management

Manufacturing overhead consists of any costs that are directly associated with the manufacture of the finished goods. Control involves performance evaluation by management. Th

Compare and contrast efficiency and effectiveness

Think of one manager you have known. He (she) could be anyone in a formal or informal management position with respect to you, such as a coach, teacher, student club or team

What are the legal obligations if any under lease contract

A 17 yr old honors student graduated in 3 years from high school and was accepted a year earlier for college. He signed a one year lease to rent an apartment off campus. After

Theme of the message be for this particular audience

For this assignment, think of a message you would communicate to a group of your employees. (If you are not employed at the moment, then use a hypothetical situation.) As you


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