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Q. Barilla Spa (A) Case Questions

1. Diagnose underlying causes of difficulties which JITD program was created to solve. Illustrate what are benefits also drawbacks of this program?

2. Illustrate what conflicts or barriers internal to Barilla doe JITD program create? Illustrate what causes these conflicts? As Giorgio Maggiali, elucidate how would you deal with these?



Reference no: EM1376596

Strategic managers face involves outsourcing and offshoring

One of the important decisions that strategic managers face involves Outsourcing and Offshoring. Please describe when these strategies should be considered and what limitati

Briefly explain what a marketing mix

Briefly explain what a marketing mix is and then provide 2 examples of firms that developed a marketing mix to appeal to consumers 18-29, and another 2 firms that appeal to se

Performance measurement and feedback and incentives

Explain how each of the following HR practices can be used to maintain safe and healthy workplaces: job analysis, selection, training, performance measurement and feedback, an

Complete the scoring model

Complete the scoring model. Show all your work. Tell which project you would pick first, second, third and last. How confident are you with each choice? If you lack confidence

Principles of womack and jones to analyze nike

Use the 5 lean principles of Womack and Jones to analyze Nike. Does Nike have a lean philosophy or can they develop a lean philosophy? Identify a value stream for Nike and cre

Determining the waterfall and agile

Explain waterfall methodologies and identify their relationship to the PMBOK® process groups. Explain agile methodologies and identify their relationship to the PMBOK® process

Environmentally friendly-unsolicited internal proposal

Each day, you observe numerous practices in your office that are not "environmentally friendly" and that also cost your company money. A lot of paper is wasted, for instance,

Learning organization transcend political boundaries

How does a learning organization transcend political boundaries and organizational cultures? How is change managed in a learning organization? How is change managed at your or


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