Illustrate what are the spi also cpi

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Q. A Project has just completed the 87th item in its action plan. It was scheduled to have spent $168,000 at this point in the plan but has actually spent only $156,000. The foreman estimates which the value of the work actually finished is about $162, 000. Illustrate what are the spending also schedule variances for the project? Illustrate what are the SPI also CPI?

Reference no: EM1375796

What are the reasons this company-organization is ethical

Identify a company in the media or with which you are familiar that operates ethically. What are the reasons this company/organization is ethical? (You may refer to the leader

The four vs of operations management

For this assignment you will need to select and research an organisation and a specific product or service that it provides. You will conduct an analysis of the product/servic

Identify current marketing goals and objectives

Identify Apple's current marketing goals and objectives. Explain how these goals and objectives are being achieved. Explain how these goals and objectives are consistent or in

What is the uilization rate of the service clerk

Sharp discounts Wholesale Club has two service desks, one at each entrance of the store. Customers arrive at each service desk at an average of one every six minutes with a Po

Significantly upgraded their training-development activities

Corporate University has been adopted by firms that have significantly upgraded their training and development activities by creating learning center within their corporations

The demand for a certain drug in a hospital

The demand for a certain drug in a hospital has been increasing. For the past six months, the following demand has been observed: Month Demand, Units January 15 February 18 Ma

Illustrate sources also forms of his authority

Illustrate explain how you believe of a person will have to proceed in establishing herself as legitimate possessor of supervisory authority on unit also illustrate sources

Published journal that demonstrates organizational change

Choose a current article from a newspaper, magazine or published journal that demonstrates Organizational Change “today”. Summarize the article and provide additional backgrou


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