Illustrate the implicit opportunity cost of foregone income

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The classic example of opportunity cost is the costs of going to college. Illustrate the implicit opportunity cost of foregone income as well as tuition, books, etc. Think about whether room and board should be considered a cost of college. Calculate (in $$$) your opportunity costs of going to college.

Reference no: EM13831585

Safety and effectiveness of foreign prescription drugs

Dewey Cheatham is the new Vice President of Marketing for a large online search engine company, Pottstown Innovative Enterprises (AKA, PIE). Dewey has been doing some research

Bond valuation assume the information for existing bond

Bond Valuation Assume the following information for an existing bond that provides annual couponpayments: What is the present value of the bond? If the required rate of return

Find the mixed-strategy nash equilibrium

Consider the following situation. An individual may decide to pay taxes of $1200 or evade them. Assume that if the individual evades taxes and is audited, he pays a fine of $3

What is the reasons for having health insurance coverage

Are there individuals who choose not to be covered by health insurance; and why? Why medical insurance require copays? Are they necessary? How are they determined? What's the

Diamonds are forever

One popular advertisement for engagement rings sponsored by the De Beers Diamond company poses the following question to men planning proposal. "Is two months' salary too much

Household cleaning products

Choose a product from the list. Name and describe the product category below. What types of products are included? Breakfast Cereal,,Dairy products, Footwear, Fruits and Veget

Marginal product of sixth backhoe operator could be positive

Suppose that for a firm that digs ditches for laying cable or pipeline, backhoes and backhoe operators are pure complements in production, being used on a one-for-one basis. D

What are the maximum amount of k and l

Draw the isocost line for a total cost per day of $15,000. (Base case) and Draw the isoquant curve when this firm is producing efficiently, assuming output is 100 units. Wha


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