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Question 1

Summarise a rational decision an individual made and implemented in a workplace environment. If you have limited workplace experiences ask your lecturer for guidance. Write the summary from the perspective of an observation of the decision.

In your summary, address the following points:

1. What decision was made
2. Who made the decision
3. Where was the decision made
4. How was the decision made
5. What factors influenced the decision
6. What were the outcome of the decision

Question 2

With references to the relevant academic theories, models and/or frameworks discussed in this course, select and apply a rational decision making process model to discuss the decision process in the summary in question 1, include in your answer a diagram to illustrate the decision making process.

Question 3

With references to relevant academic sources, use the theory of bounded rationality to identify and critically evaluate the potential issues that could have bounded the decision maker in the summary story from question 1, include in your discussion potential limitations and benefits of bounded rationality.

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Reference no: EM13757406

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