Illinois whistleblower statute

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1) Your supervisor at your place of employment asks you to host a WebEx GoToMeeting to fulfill a job related task. You are given login credentials which WebEx issued to your supervisor. You have been instructed to use those credentials from your company-issued desktop computer. The license for the GoToMeeting requires the "applicant" to be an active participant. Your supervisor will not be an active participant in the GoToMeeting that you will be hosting. Your supervisor has told you not to worry about the WebEx license terms since the company paid for the license and, according to your supervisor, anyone in the company can use the login credentials for this web application. Assuming your use of your supervisor's login credentials to host the GoToMeeting violates the GoToMeeting license, might your employer be subjected to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act liability theory discussed in Therapeutic Research Faculty v. NBTY, Inc.? [This case is attached with the file.] Describe how you would handle this matter. Your explanation must apply a professional code of ethics or ethical philosophical approach. What protection might you have under the Illinois whistleblower statute?

Reference no: EM1336603

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