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Can owning a business be in your genes? What if it's a franchise? Brothers Joe and Allen Hertzman mixed coleslaw and mopped floors in their fathers Long John Silver's resturants when they were kids. Today's the brothers own six Long John's Silver's, thirteen Rally's and twenty-four Papa John's Pizza units. Both have been named franchisee of the year by their franchisors. When asked if they have different management styles, the brothers responded that they have some differences but intentionally have the same message and culture. Their saying is 'Operate each store s if it's our only store.

Question 1. How do you think growing up in a family business affects carrer decisions by children of the owners?

Question 2. If you were going to run a business with a family member, how would you go about deciding on the organizational culture you want to create?

You may use two (2) quotes in your report, each no more than one sentence in length.Ensure your report meets all of the following criteria:A minimum of 700 words- your name, class number/title, date, etc. and references do not count in determining word countDouble-spacedTimes New Roman, 12 pt font sizeUpload your report as a Word document.

Reference no: EM131446633

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