If amazon.com''s revenue increased after

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If amazon.com's revenue increased after it cut the price of books, dvds, and blu-rays what must be true about the price elasticity of demand for ordering these goods online?

Reference no: EM13151135

Hypothetical payoffs to construct illustrative normal game

The NCAA prohibits schools that are caught paying athletes from participating in bowl games, and sometimes the punishment is even more severe. Explain why schools don't break

Correlation-predication-confidence and errors

This section examines correlation, estimating confidence, and margin of errors. Correlation is an important concept to understand, since often what is found in many areas of

Illustrate what amount of profit does the firm fail to pick

A firm's marginal revenue is $133 and its marginal cost is #90 illustrate what amount of profit does the firm fail to pick up by refusing to incease output by one unit.

Rental rate of capital coupled with no change in wage rate

Explain, using the isoquant-isocost diagram, why a rise in the rental rate of capital coupled with no change in the wage rate will lead to a rise in the price of the capital-i

Ration of real residential investment to real GDP

Calculate and graph the ration of: (i) real residential investment to real GDP; (ii) real non-residential investment to real GDP; and (iii) real inventory investment to real G

How much money we need to deposit year in actual dollars

Suppose that inflation rate is 8% annually and real interest rate is 1.85% annually. If we are planning to have an amount of money at the end of fifth year which has the same

Each product should they make to maximize profits

A company specializing in lubrication products for vintage motors produce two blended oils, Smazka and Neftianikov. They make a profit of $5 per litre of Smazka and $4 per lit

Illustrate what is the maximum weekly wage

If a competitive firm hires another full-time worker, total output increases from 100 units to 110 units per week. Suppose the market price of output is $25 per unit. Illust


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