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The two articles that I choice to compare are "Mother Tongue, (pg.105)" and "Leave your Name at the Border, (pg.99).
In the article "Mother Tongue", the author highlights in details that people speak different languages automatically, which is how we are usually label by the way we speak. Considering what the author has highlighted in this article, speaking different languages to communicate with others. Language based on the author point of view actually defines who we are as a person and affect our choices as well as our lifestyle.

The article "Leave Your Name at the Door", the author is highlighting that we should be proud of who we are and where we came from. In words, Munoz is sharing that our name is consider our identity. These two essay are similar because they both deals with culture and communications.

They are different because Mother Tongue share more of a discrimination in language as being judge. Munoz discusses how people who have Spanish name are willing to change to English to adopt a new culture.
While reading these two articles, I believe that the global issue address is language and changing one's name just to adjust a new culture. Language and our name has become a way of seeing life in a different perspective.

Language is what I would called being able to share and learn more about language use in different cultures, Tan (pg. 105) is one example that allows us to see how people can study a different culture in order reduce cultural conflicts between groups.

Changing our name in from birth to assume a new culture is mixing your old culture into a new culture. My perspectives do these two articles approach the issue is culture. Today, there are many people that are in the United States that uses different languages and have unique names. However, people should not be ashamed of what language a person speak or whether a person can pronounce their name.

Reference no: EM13796473

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