Identifying the root causes of payment problems
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Research Topic: - Identifying the root causes of payment problems in context of construction projects in New Zealand.

Part 2B: Oral examination - Group Interviews

This part involves an oral examination of each group member to explain the content of draft detailed research proposal. The draft proposal must be submitted in Moodle by the end of Week 9 using the given template for Part 2C. Do not include the ‘Project Management Section' and ‘Appendices' in the draft submission. Each group must attend ‘one to one' interview with their respective tutor during the tutorial in Week 10. Interviews via Zoom will be arranged with online students. During interviews, the tutor will ask a few questions to each group member to verify the level of their contribution in the project, identify any error or misunderstanding, detect misconceptions and probe the depth of understanding of research project substance and process. Each member will receive an individual mark based on their answers to the tutor's questions during the interview. The tutor will also give constructive feedback on the draft in order to improve the final proposal.

Part 2C: Final Detailed Research Proposal

Developing a final detailed research proposal is the third and most important deliverable of the assignment. You should think of this proposal as a document that should be detailed enough so anyone else can use your plan to execute the project. You must consider the given feedback on previous assessment tasks to improve your research proposal. In developing your proposal, you must adopt the supplied template which has sufficient guidelines to complete each section.

Important Note: You must familiarise yourself with the assessment criteria of this part as it is linked with Part 2D so each group member may receive a different mark to reflect their actual performance in undertaking the group work.

Summary of Proposal Inclusions:
1. Self-assessment (by ticking the boxes of a given checklist)
2. Compliance table
3. Project Title
4. Abstract
5. The rationale for the study
6. Significance.
7. The research questions and objectives:
8. Research approach
9. Data collection:
10. Preliminary literature review
11. Responsibility matrix
12. Research Project Management (in the final proposal only): Include project plans and/or documentation as per the guidelines in the supplied template.
13. List of References.
14. Appendices: (in the final proposal only):
a) Project Schedule using MS Project including Gantt Chart
b) The draft of Ethics submission documentation including data collection instrument, consent form, etc.
c) Minutes of group meetings during the term (a minimum of three meeting records).
d) Screenshot of Endnote library as an evidence of data management.
e) Screenshot of Asana platform as an evidence of group engagement in task management.

Attachment:- Research assignment details.rar

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