Identifying and managing risk

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Identifying and Managing Risk

In this assignment, you will compare and evaluate risk management techniques from experts in the field. Go to the University Library and find one article by Dr. James Kallman. Dr. Kallman, an expert in the field of risk management, has written many articles on managing financial risk. Find a second article in the Ashford University Library from another credible author of your choice who also provides recommendations for risk management.

Develop a three- to four-page analysis (excluding the title and reference pages), of the techniques Dr. Kallman has identified for managing risks. In this analysis, compare Dr.Kallman's techniques to the techniques recommended in the second article you researched. Explain why you agree or disagree with each authors' recommendations. Describe other factors you believe should be considered in risk management. The assignment should be comprehensive and include specific examples. The paper should be formatted according to APA.

Reference no: EM13818661

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