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This essay is 2500 words not including references, it is a case study and I have uploaded the story for this. I need 12 references.


It is a requirement that all students receive a Satisfactory grade in this assessment item prior to attending Workplace Learning. If you have been unable to complete this task to a satisfactory standard before the end of Week 6 for internal students, or the end of the residential school for distance students, you will receive an Unsatisfactory grade for this assessment task and a FL grade for the subject.


Andrew Taylor is a 48 year old high school PE teacher who is due for discharge from the orthopaedic ward following a left knee reconstruction 3 days ago. You are going through his discharge instructions with him when you notice that he seems distracted and looks pale. He tells you that he has been experiencing central chest pain and an uncomfortable tightness in his chest since he woke this morning. Further assessment reveals that he is diaphoretic with cool peripheries, his respiratory rate is 18, heart rate 115, BP 105/60 and SpO2 97% on room air.

This assessment task requires you to submit a report in which you discuss your initial assessment and management of Andrew. In addition to a brief introduction and conclusion; your report should address the following:

• Chest pain is a very serious clinical manifestation and should always be considered to be caused by myocardial ischaemia until proven otherwise. Discuss how you would use the PQRST mnemonic to conduct a systematic assessment of Andrew's chest pain. This discussion should incorporate any relevant information already provided in the case study and any additional information you would seek as part of your assessment.

• Identify your first five nursing priorities for Andrew. These priorities should be identified in order of clinical urgency and may include further assessments and/or interventions that can be initiated and conducted by a Registered Nurse.

• Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) is a term used to identify a group of conditions caused by common underlying pathophysiology. For each of the priorities you have identified, provide a rationale that explains how it will address or is linked to the underlying pathophysiology of ACS.

You must support your discussion with a MINIMUM of 12 recent (less than 7 years old) and credible sources. Credible sources include the following:

• peer reviewed journal articles

• text-books, evidence summaries

• best practice guidelines,

• government documents

• health facility clinical guidelines, pathways and policies/procedures

• websites containing content aimed at health professionals.

Reference no: EM13948229

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