Identify when either teacher in the video applied key ideas

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View "Session 5: Learning from Others - Learning in a Social Context," located on the Annenberg Learner website, to prepare for the "Learning from Others" assignment.


Create a table with up to five key ideas from various learning theories presented in separate rows (cite the theory next to the key idea).

Identify when either teacher in the video applied those key ideas as he or she planned and executed the learning activities. List them in a new column beside their respective key idea on your table. If some of the things the teacher did apply to more than one key learning theory, include this action next to all applicable theories.

You may find that some key ideas from the learning theories are not represented in the video. Fill in any blanks in your list of key ideas with suggestions of practical ways the teacher could incorporate these key learning theories into classroom activities. Indicate that these are suggestions, not from your observations.

APA format is not required.

Reference no: EM131344775

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