Identify two elastic and two inelastic goods

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Identify two (2) elastic and two (2) inelastic goods that you have purchased in the last month and explain the main reason why you identified them as such.

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Reference no: EM13853921

American corporation with surplus cash flow

What must the CFO expect about the Australian Dollar/US$ exchange rate 1 year from now if she chooses to invest in the US $ CD's instead of the Australian CD's.

Assume the marginal propensity to consume

In order to financially stimulate the nation, the Federal government injected $900 billion dollars into the economy. However, the results were less than spectacular. One reaso

Households preferences are represented by utility function

Suppose that the household’s preferences are represented by the utility function U(C0, C1)= 100C0^ 0.5 C1^0.25. If the real interest rate is 5 percent, what is the value of th

An indifference curve

An indifference curve a. Is a locus of bundles of goods such that each good in every bundle yields equal satisfaction b. Is a locus of bundles of goods such that the consumer

Write the numerical aggregate demand curve for this economy

Assume that an economy is characterized by the following equations: C = 100 + (2/3)(Y – T) T = 600 G = 500 I = 800 – (50/3)r Ms/P = Md/P = 0.5Y – 50r. Write the numerical aggr

Estimate the demand function for sting rays

What is the profit-maximizing unit price PoolVac should charge for Sting Ray - Evaluate the statistical significance of the three estimated parameters using a significance le

Strategic choices faced by modern transnational firms

It may seem as though basic static games are too simple to describe the strategic choices faced by modern transnational firms. Yet simple normal-form games apply to the case s

Where is monetary policy stronger

Where is monetary policy stronger? In an open economy, changes in monetary policy affect both interest rates and exchange rates. Comparing the United States and Switzerland, i


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