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LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER JOB ANALYSIS: A local school district has commissioned you to analyze the job of a school board member in order to identify the worker requirements needed for the job. This information will be communicated to the voters, who will then have a sound basis for comparing candidates. Assume you have unlimited time and resources for this project. In your analysis, please provide the following: Overview of the job of a member of a local school board - Include job responsibilities - Include eligibility to run for as a school board candidate (provide name of school district, county, and state) Identify candidate KSAs needed for the job of local school board member and rationale for the need of these KSAs (at least 4). What method of job analysis would you use? Why? Explain how your selected job analysis is conducted. Provide a percentage of votes received for two candidates of your local school district who ran for position within the last 3 years. (This should be in the form of a bar graph) Be sure to indicate candidate name, district name, and percentage of votes. This should be actual information and not based on fictitious information). In an essay/paragraph form, describe the HR forecasting technique that would best be used to forecast for a local school board member based on the information provided for #2 and #4: qualitative or quantitative? Include your reasoning and justification (consider responsibilities of school board members, number of people who ran for office, and qualifications required to hold the position. The last page of the assignment should be a reference page in correct APA format.

Reference no: EM131041675

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