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In this SLP, you will be developing the Extended Enterprise Supply Chain (EESC). Stay with the product, company and industry you chose in SLP1.

You will extend the supply chain all the way back (upstream) to the RAW materials needed to produce this product and to package it. Then you will extend the supply chain forward (downstream) all the way to the RETAIL industry that sells to the consumer. Backward explosion of the EESC (upstream).

Identify the materials needed to produce this product and the materials needed to package this product. Identify how these materials are produced, and what is needed to produce them.

Then go back another step, identifying the materials needed. Do this backward stepping until you come to basic RAW materials. These will most likely be generated by Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Hunting, Mining, Quarrying and Oil/Gas Extraction. Forward explosion of the EESC (downstream).

Start with the customers of your target company and the industry. Identify their customers. Are these Wholesale or Distribution? Then repeat this by identifying the next level of customers.

Do this forward stepping until you come to the RETAIL level - the companies that sell to the consumer.

Identify the types of Retail businesses - what kind of businesses are there? Be specific.

Identify as many kinds of retail as possible. Include online/websites, if the product is sold this way. Generate a diagram that shows the whole EESC from RAW to RETAIL.

Identify and discuss the various industries throughout this EESC. What are the major locations for each of these industries? Where in the US are they located? Where in the world are they located?

Is anyone of the upstream industries a bottleneck? Are there any specific issues within this EESC, such as legalities, shortages, changing technologies, etc.? The product that I used was motorcycle Harley Davidson

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Reference no: EM13871711

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