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Write a four-page research paper outlining the differences in browser support for Cascading Style Sheets and the Document Object Model/JavaScript between the three most widely used web browsers. Also:

• Identify the three most widely used browsers.
• Identify methods for dealing with cross-browser compatibility.
• Reflect on the importance of standards compliance (or non-compliance) by both

Browser manufactures and web developers.

• Your paper may contain whatever tables, charts, and/or graphs necessary to convey your findings as appendices (appendices will not be included in fulfilling the length requirement for the body of your paper).

• Your paper should be submitted in APA format, with sources documented appropriately.

• You must have a minimum of 4 external sources. Most of your sources will likely be web sites, but you may use any other sources you wish (books, journals, personal interviews, etc.). You must be able to corroborate the information you find using non-scholarly web sites with at least on additional source (two sources per citation).

• Once your paper is complete, you are to create an HTML file called research.html and paste the text only into the document. From there, you will utilize CSS to format the page to match the MS Word document layout. You can use embedded CSS or you can link to an external CSS file named research.css.

• Both the Microsoft Word document and HTML file (and CSS file) must be uploaded.

Reference no: EM131227732

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