Identify the tho most prominent formal elements

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You will turn in a typed paper that includes a picture of each of the 3 artworks with short answers to the following questions under each artwork:

1. Do you think this is a painting, drawing, print, photograph, or "other"? There are no labels, so make an educated guess.

2. Identify Style: Abstract, Representational or both (exaggerated but recognizable)

3. Write 2-3 descriptive sentences that identify the 2 most prominent FORMAL ELEMENTS used in the artwork (Line: precise, gestural, etc..; Shape-geometric or organic, Space: positive & negative space, linear perspective, atmospheric perspective, Texture-actual or implied, COLOR (primary, secondary, intermediate, warm or cool), Value, etc.

4. Identify the SUBJECT MATTER (what is literally depicted).

5. Write 2 - 3 sentences that interpret the CONTENT (what meaning, idea, or story do you think the artwork is communicating?.. how did you arrive at that decision? )

Find the team and the description for each artworks side each pic to help you.

Attachment:- FORMAL

Reference no: EM13694647

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