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Either identify, summarize, and critique the theory you plan to use for your TEPExemplar Paper, or if you have not finalized your selection, any nursing theory will be acceptable. Sources for nursing theories include using the McEwen & Wills text or accessing various theory websites.

Use 1of the approaches for critique and evaluation of theory described in chapter 5 of the McEwen & Wills text. Be sure to clearly identify the approach you use (name the model/approachand the authors/researchers who developed the model-then follow the selected approach for the analysis).

This analysismust be 6-8 pages in length with at least 2-3 scholarly sources.

Refer to the Sample Theory Analysis Paper.You have the freedom to organize this paper as desired (regarding use of titles for headings/subheadings as applicable).You do not need to include an abstract for this paper.Otherwise, follow APA format (i.e., inclusionof title page, double-space content, and method for citation of references in the body of paper and in the reference list; cite your textbook and any documentation/articles you may have read related to your selected theory).

Note the Listing of Selected Theories and Theorists for further assistance.

Attachment:- List of Thoeries.rar

Reference no: EM131285682

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