Identify the ted talk that you chose and the speaker

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Please listen to one of the TED Talk presentations from the Unit 1 Individual Project Assignment list. Use this template to complete the assignment by writing 2-3 sentences in response to each question.

1. Identify the TED talk that you chose and the speaker.

2. Explain how the speaker gained the attention of the audience (attention grabber).

3. Identify the target audience of this presentation.

4. Discuss some of the facts and evidence that were brought up in the speech to support the speaker's statements (main points).

5. Identify some of the vocal techniques that the speaker used in his or her delivery of the speech (e.g., vocal varieties, emphasis on certain words, changes in volume, tone of voice, humor, and so forth).

6. Discuss the visual aids, nonverbal communication techniques, and notes, if any, that the speaker used in the delivery of his or her speech.

7. Discuss how the presenter concluded the speech (conclusion).

8. Identify at least 1 or 2 areas that were the most effective in the speech, and explain why you felt they were effective.

9. Identify at least 1 or 2 suggestions for improvement, and explain why you felt that they are areas of opportunity.

10. Discuss 1 or 2 personal takeaways from this TED Talk. For example, do you wish to do further research on this topic or take a personal action based on what you learned?

Reference no: EM131296187

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