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Consider three agents with the respective utility functions: uA(x,y)= xy (MRS(x,y)= y) x uB (x, y) = x + y (perfect substitutes) uC (x, y) = min{x, y} (perfect complements) Assume each agent has income $120 and initially faces the prices px = $1 and py = $2. Then suppose the price of x were to increase to $4. Identify the substitution effect of the price change on each individual’s demand for x. (Hint 1: For agent A, what two properties determine the location of “z”, the reference point for distinguishing the income and substitution effects? Hint 2: For agents B and C, identify the substitution effect graphically.)

Reference no: EM131003466

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The per-unit cost of the production is mc = 10. Our conclusion is that if we have only one two-part tariff scheme (f,p), it is the best for the monopoly to set f = 800 and p =

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Offshore Petroleum's fixed costs are $2,500,000 and its debt repayment requirements are $1,000,000. Selling price per barrel of its oil is $18 and variable costs per barrel ar


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