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Assessment Task: Report and Presentation

1) Assessment Details

Choose a project and prepare a Project Management Plan.

2) Criteria used to grade this task

The Project Management Plan should clearly identify the strategic change proposed, expected outcomes, key milestones and deliverables, and prepare the first status report for the project. The student will present a summary of the project management plan and status report to the class. The activity will be marked both on content and delivery. Detailed marking criteria can be found in the Marking Guides section of this course description.

3) Task Assessor


4) Suggested time to devote to this task

A suggested minimum of about 20 hours outside of class time per student.

5) Submission details

The presentation will be delivered during class in week 12, and the report is expected to be made electronically available to the lecturer no later than the end of class in week 12.

6) Feedback and return of work

Assessment sheet with detailed marks will be provided to students via Moodle, prior to the final exam.

PMP Structure

1. Introduction

a. Purpose of document

c. Project background

d. Project stakeholders

2. Project Scope

a. Project objective

b. Project deliverables

c. Milestones

d. Technical requirements

e. Limits and exclusions

f. Customer review

3. Timeframe and Milestones

a. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

b. Project schedule (Gantt chart)

c. Network diagram (critical path)

4. Cost Estimates (Budget)

5. Risk Management

6. Project Organisation and Management

a. Project organisation

b. Project Roles and Responsibilities

c. Project controls

i. Change management (strategies)

ii. Management reporting

iii. Status report

7. Communications Plan

a. Meeting reports

Appendix 1 - Risk Register and Matrix

Appendix 2 - Work Breakdown Structure

Appendix 3 - Network Diagram

Appendix 5 - References

Reference no: EM13837183

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