Identify the skills and abilities required for managing

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- Discuss and critically evaluate the view that a strong organisational culture should be a top management priority.

- Examine and critically evaluate the extent to which the classical, behavioural, and quantitative, approaches to management put people first in facilitating the success of organisations.

This assessment will assist you learn to

• demonstrate your understanding of the challenges that managers face

• identify the skills and abilities required for managing

• perform in-depth research on matters relating to contemporary management

• develop your critical thinking skills so you can present a balanced view of management theory and organisational practice

• critically reflect on your own philosophy, goals, and skills about managing

• present formal written communications

• apply APA citation and referencing skills

The following learning objectives are covered by this assessment

be able to research and compare various sources of information about management;

be able to compare and contrast the work of influential management thinkers and researchers;

be able to express opinions on management issues with clarity, from both personal and more objective positions that are backed up with sound evidence and analysis;.

Reference no: EM13922001

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