Identify the role of the community organization

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For this assignment, provide an outline with your goals, intentions, and approach for your Final Project.

Identify the role of the Community Organization for your project.

The organization I am using for this assignment is The Boys and Girls Club.

Please feel free to use any type of outline you would like, but keep in mind, you will need to cover the information below with consistency, continuity, and originality. Because this is an outline, you will have the opportunity to make changes to this as you progress through the project, but the more you can "nail down" here, the more you will be able to stay focused moving forward.

Note: If you use any resources in your outline, cite the publication(s), any direct quotations, and any summarized or paraphrased material. Use APA citation format for both your in-text and references page citations.

Keep in mind, any sources you choose should be no more than five (5) years old. This is part of the requirements for your Final Project.

· Title Your Project: Be concise; be catchy. Use your title to both draw your readers/audience in and to demonstrate what the project is about. Try to keep your titles within five or fewer words.

· Introduction: Describe the organization, the work they do, any key players within the organization, and why it may be interesting to your readers/audience. Include your thesis statement (a short description of the purpose of your work).

· Readers/Audience: Describe the readers/audience you will be directing your project toward. Consider what they know, what they might need from your work, and what they will expect. Briefly discuss how you will meet the needs of your readers/audience.

· Methods: Include a description of how you plan to gather and analyze your data (i.e. reviewing websites, reviewing related articles, interviews, analyzing similar organizations, and so on).

· Results: You likely haven't found any results yet, but provide a description of what you hope to find or what you think you might find.

· Conclusion: Based on the information you have gathered so far, start identifying how what you've learned connects to your thesis and how it falls under the scope of service-learning and civic engagement. Write up a brief description of those connections.

· References Page: Include an APA style citation list of any sources you have used or are considering using in your project (this should appear on its own page at the end of your outline).

Reference no: EM131218334

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