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You will use your focus company to help you complete this assessment. This same corporation will be used in several other modules throughout the course. Details on the focus area for each assessment that utilizes this company can be reviewed in the folder entitled "Focus Company" located at the top of the Learning Modules Section.

Respond to the following by providing 1-2 paragraphs for each item (unless otherwise indicated):


  1. Define the three types of planning for this company and identify the related level of management responsible for each type of plan. Assuming that you were a manager at each level, identify what your role would be in the planning process.
  2. Briefly describe the mission of your focus company using your own words. Next, conduct a SWOT analysis by identifying at least one (1) of each of the following: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats either in a table format or a list. Next, write at least one paragraph explaining the outcome of your internal analysis and at least one paragraph explaining the outcome of your external analysis. This type of information is usually found by reviewing the Annual Report (see Investor Relations section), Corporate Governance section, as well as the consumer section of the website.
  3. Based on the results of your SWOT analysis, develop at least one strategy which will accomplish the organization's mission. Make sure to identify if your strategy is based on a business-level or on a corporate-level approach and explain the type selected (i.e. cost leadership, etc.). Next, provide at least one example of a related tactical plan which would be developed by middle management to support your strategy and an example of at least one operational plan developed by operational management that will support the tactical plan.
  4. The intent of the managers involved in the planning and operation of an organization is for the process to occur without incident or interruption. In reality, there could always be an issue, situation, or crisis which could change the original timeline or planned outcome. When this occurs, a well-prepared manager will have a contingency or crisis management plan available. Based on your strategy developed in the third requirement, outline a contingency plan which would address the inability to implement the strategy based on a specific event (e.g. natural disaster, economic downturn. increased competition, etc.).

Reference no: EM131197683

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