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Evaluating a Policy Proposal for Adoption In continuation of the policy change cycle, a policy proposal is prepared and reviewed for adoption by key decision makers.

Therefore, it is essential that the proposal be technically and administratively effective, politically acceptable, and legally and ethically defensible. In this assignment, you will learn how to prepare and review a policy proposal for adoption by key decision makers.

Tasks: Discuss a draft policy or plan for review.

What problem does it address, and what solutions does it propose?

Identify the possible stakeholders' interests and concerns regarding the draft and proposed solutions in particular.

Identify the risks associated with the proposed policy. On the basis of your analysis of the second and third points above, suggest modifications to the proposal to enhance its chances for adoption.

Describe the goals of the involved parties in preparing the draft. What influence efforts (if any) do you see represented in the draft?

What additional influence efforts might you recommend to convince decision makers to consider the proposed changes and, ultimately, adopt them?

Identify the actions and resources required for implementing the proposal once adopted.

Describe the kind of resistance that might be encountered during the implementation of the policy.

What are some steps that leaders of policy advocacy efforts can take to overcome it?

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This is a 600 words assignment that talks about Evaluating a Policy Proposal for Adoption. The comprehensive planning process has more in common with researched methods, and the policy analysis process has more in common with basic methods. However, several additional points should be made. First, policy analysis is, in a sense, only part of a larger policy planning process. Analysis itself is the breaking up of a policy problem into its component parts, understanding them, and developing ideas about what to do. The work is written in Microsoft word and follows APA style of referencing with incited references.

Reference no: EM131220586

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