Identify the possible confidentiality concerns in scenario

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In this Assignment, you will view a fictional case scenario and then write a 3-5 page paper on the related ethical and legal issues

Imagine yourself as a professional working with the guest counselor on the call-in show in the case scenario. Think of how confidentiality relates to this scenario. You will research the laws of confidentiality using the course material and related ethical guidelines discussed in this course to analyze the case scenario.

Identify the possible confidentiality concerns in this scenario.

Provide alternatives for the counselor for how to manage the caller described in the case scenario so that s/he is upholding confidentiality laws.

After you have sufficiently covered the confidentiality issues of this scenario, address the ethical theories and issues.

Choose one of the following organization's ethical guidelines:

American Psychological Association (APA)

American Counseling Association (ACA)

National Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC)

Using the guidelines from organization in which you choose:

Identify ethical issues that the counselor may be dealing with.

Relate the ethical issues to theories discussed in this course.

Describe at least one theory that we have discussed and how it might inform this case.

Assignment should include:

A title page

3-5 pages

A references page (3 minimum)

APA Format

Case ScenarioImagine yourself as a professional working with the guest counselor on the call-in show. Listen to the following fictional case scenario and write a paper on the related ethical and legal issues as outlined in the Assignment details.

A counselor is a guest in a weekly radio call-in program. Listeners are invited to ask questions. During a show on treatment of depression, a listener calls with a question about a friend who seems "down." The listener reports that this acquaintance has been missing work frequently, seems irritable most of the time, and has made comments about getting out of the rat-race for good.

The counselor, concerned that the caller may actually be speaking about himself, tells the caller that the friend is clinically depressed, is a likely suicide risk, and should be seen by a mental health professional as soon as possible. The counselor then offers an appointment time in her schedule the following morning if the caller will bring his "friend" to the office for evaluation and referral to a local physician.

The following morning, the counselor and the caller meet for an appointment and officially resume their counselor-client relationship. The client explains that he is concerned about a friend; the counselor asks the client for details about the friend. After the appointment, the counselor conducts an internet search for the friend and calls him to conduct a welfare check.

Reference no: EM131426714

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