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Investment Management Assignment

Topic: Your topic is: "Investment Opportunities in Emerging Markets"

You are required to select four emerging markets (four countries outside United States, Western Europe, Japan and Australia), identify the portfolio investment opportunities which they offer to funds managers and investors, outline the performance of the opportunities identified, along with the risks of such investments, and make appropriate recommendations & conclusions - with supporting reasons - for Australian investors.

In line with the marking rubric, your essay should contain (see Subject Out-line for the rubric and additional inclusions and setting out of your essay):

Research - A search of the literature to identify and describe four emerging markets and the opportunities they provide Australian investors;

Analysis - Analyse the performance of each identified investment, comparing their performances historically and with similar investments in developed markets; cite actual returns achieved, relate to the economic performance (growth, inflation, interest rate and exchange rate movements) of the selected countries, and the risks associated with the investments.

Recommendations and Conclusions - Draw out with supporting evidence or reasons investors to whom the selected investments are suitable and the proportions of each which should be included in a balanced portfolio. 

Illustrate your analysis, particularly performance history, with appropriate tables, charts and graphs, and where appropriate with illustrative examples."

Other Requirements

Task Details: Based on the circumstances provided, students will be required to analyse a range of potential solutions, and make recommendations for the most appropriate investment portfolio elements. Students need to apply their own interpretation and judgement to the analysis, based on approved and valid research (see research Requirements below).

Students who simply regurgitate their answers from the textbook or lecture notes risk failing the assignment.

Research Students need to support their analysis with reference from the text and Requirements: minimum of six (6) suitable, reliable, current and academically acceptable sources - check with your tutor if unsure of the validity of sources.

Groups seeking Credit or above grades should support their analysis with increased number of reference sources comparable to the grade they are seeking.

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The paper discusses about the Emerging markets where the Australian Investors can invest. The four selected nations are India, Mexico, Indonesia and Colombia. The paper begins with discussing about developed market and emerging markets in world. What are emerging markets doing, the demographics, economic factors, negative consequences of convergence. The reason has also been provided for the selection of four emerging markets. The paper is prepared in 2500 words. APA format bibliography. Font: Times new roman Font Size: 12

Reference no: EM131501994

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Many thanks to you such a great amount for helping me into finishing my paper. In spite of the fact that I have not gotten a review yet, from my recognition i trust the author set aside his opportunity to chip away at this task. He could change my paper as required with no dithering and could give it back to me before the due date. I can't state thank you enough. :)


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Please read requirements properly and im sending you my moddle login and password so you can read slides for further assistance and understanding of subject. and please make sure similarity is less then 8% other its 0 mark. and to add facts and figures diagram etc.Its not about industry its about 4 emerging economies. Please don't choose specific industry and talk about different industries


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Presentation: 2500+ 10% words in short Report format. The word count excludes the cover sheet, contents page, references, appendices, and illustrations (e.g. diagrams, graphs and tables). You should begin by studying various chapters of the text-book (including Chapter 18 on alternative investments) dealing with the above asset classes. You will need to discover at least 6 references apart from the text-book. This should include at least one other book and one journal article. The desired length of your Assignment is 2,500 words + / - 10%. The purpose of this Assignment is to test your initiative as advanced degree students, along with testing your ability to discover information and apply this to portfolio management.

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