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Now, research the organization where the individual you identified in Week 2 serves as leader. Identify the organization's mission and values.  More importantly, give examples of how the organization "lives" its mission and values.

Here's how to begin: Read articles about your organization in the New York TimesBloomberg BusinessweekThe Economist, etc. Use widely recognized publications. Also, visit the organization's website.  Based on what is written about your organization, answer the following questions:

  1. What is the company's background?
  2. What is the mission statement and values of the organization?  
  3. How does the organization live its mission and values?  Give examples from widely recognized publications of how the organization "lives" its values.

For example, if a value of the organization is "community service," then there should be an article telling a story about the organization's involvement in local community events.  Or, if the organization's values include "social responsibility," then find articles about how the organization operates in responsible ways such as "polluting less" or "reducing its carbon footprint."

Reference no: EM131432546

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