Identify the motives behind women dressing for shopping

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Dressing for the thrill: An exploration of why women dress up to go shopping.

a. State some of the factors that contribute to pleasurable shopping experience.

b. Identify the motives behind women dressing for shopping.

c. What are the managerial implications in attracting women shoppers for particular type of shopping? Recommend at least two strategies based on the article findings.

Reference no: EM13844979

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Services marketing

The owner of a Ford car dealership dies unexpectedly. His 28-year old daughter, a health care manager with an MBA degree, temporarily takes command. She is shocked to find tha

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Retailer is analyzing survey data on its customer base

A retailer is analyzing survey data on its customer base. The retailer found that 35% of its customers are men, while 10% are North Carolina residents. If 5% of its customers


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