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Task 1: Identify the key economic concept that is discussed in this article and then outline the reason for selecting the chosen article. The aim of this section is to see if students can identify the key economic concept being addressed in the article and to locate that concept in the course curriculum. In this "introduction" you must clearly state;

o The title of the article
o The source of the article
o The author
The date the article was published

Why you chose the article for your presentation A brief summary of the article

The one key economic principle that links the article to the course

Bloom's Taxonomy domain: Knowledge, action word identify.

Task 2: Review the key economic issue or concept that is covered in the article. (Illustrate with diagrams where necessary). This section should be a very brief review of the key economic concept that is explored in the article, i.e. all that is expected here is a short paraphrase of the material from a relevant textbook. There should be no reference in this section to any material in your chosen article.

Bloom's Taxonomy domain: Understand, action word paraphrase.

Task 3: Outline the main the economic argument or perspective developed in the article. (Illustrate with diagrams where necessary). This section should be an application of the concept reviewed in the previous section.

Bloom's Taxonomy domain: Analyse, action word explain.

Task 4: Develop a counter argument, or develop an alternative explanation, or develop an argument from a different theoretical perspective, to the one that is presented in the article (Illustrate with diagrams where necessary). Or, if there is another side to this story outline that argument. Or, propose an alternative explanation or alternative solution, to the one proposed in the article. This section is intended to be another application of an economic theory. You may wish to use the theory reviewed and applied in parts (2) and (3) or you may wish to base this discussion on another economic concept.

Most of the articles chosen for this assignment present two sides to an argument. So, the best thing to do is to explore both sides of the argument.

Bloom's Taxonomy domain: Evaluate, action word critique.

Task 5: Briefly discuss the broader social implications of either the message in the article or the counter argument/alternative explanation that you develop in Section

(Illustrate with diagrams where necessary). This discussion should be brief and address one of the following key issues, unemployment, employment GDP growth, inflation, equity, inequity, efficiency, effectiveness, poverty, the environment. Bloom's Taxonomy domain: Create, action word integrate.

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Reference no: EM13873641

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